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Welcome to Hurlingham Park Tenergy Tennis!


We are a small team of coaches working together in Hurlingham Park where we offer classes, private lessons and invitational clinics for aspiring players of all ages and abilities.

Our courses allow you to build on your existing technique and confidence as a tennis player. Our classes involve drills, skills and games as well as opportunitues to practise and improve your technique.  We always aim to give individualised coaching to each player.

We have a plan for each class and a syllabus for each each course.  Often they are very general themes but the coach always uses their experience to adapt to the ability levels of the class.


Lesson Plan Examples

Game situation:  Back to back :  Goal: Better ralleying.

Game situation:  Serve and return:  Goal: Reducing mistakes.

Game situation:  Attacking the net:  Goal: Better volleys and smashes

Game situation: Being attacked and better defence:  Goal: Better decision making.

Game situation:  Doubles play:  Goal: Positioning and doubles Tactics.

To book please click on the course you like and book to reserve your place. 

Regarding weather, we all know rain can stop play.  

If rain is to be expected it is the coaches responsibilty to cancel the class.  We will play in light drizzle however we do not like being wet and we do not like conditions that stop our players from enjoying their tennis with us.

At the end of each term of courses a refund or a credit towards the next course is always issued.

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