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Tenergy Tennis

We eat, sleep and breathe Tennis and invite you to join us on court.

Tennis is a game played and loved by many, you can play your whole life, you make great friends through playing and  you can always get better.  Especially with us! 


Our Tennis classes are taught in Fulham Hurlingham Park SW6 and Guildford Sutherland Park. The classes aim to be both fun yet serious and deliver the very best in modern tennis tuition.  


We aim to create a fantastic learning environment where we can the teach the look, the feel and knowledge that will take your game to the next level.  



Happy New Year to all!  Junior and Adult courses continue through out the year.   Weather may affect our play but we will not let it deter or dampen our resolve to get fitter, faster, stronger and better. 

Our Adult sessions continue to run throughout the week and combine technical and tactical coaching followed by an opportunity for you to practise your newly learned skills with rallies and match play.

We also offer many junior tennis classes for different ages and abilities.  We are always available to discuss what would work best for your child.  In general we are able to coach broad themes every lesson and give individual coaching points for each player.  

  We also offer private lessos too although these are very limited and we often work on the basis of a waiting list.  Please contact us with any enquries and we will aim to respond as soon as possible. 


Private Coaching

Supercharge Your Game!

1:1 £55

1:2 £60

1:3 £72

1:4 £80

All lessons are 60 minutes long and subject to availability. 

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