Tenergy Tennis

- Low player coach ratios. 4:1 is the norm for our groups.
- High volume hitting. 
- Spanish hand fed drills.
- Individualised instruction to improve.

- Will to win competitive play. 
- Fun yet serious play environment.

- Hot on sportsmanship.

- Experienced professional coach.

​- Book and Pay rolling 4-week classes.


Covid Weekday Tennis

With children at home we are offering tennis with a more cardio theme to them. These clinics are high volume hitting and games based learning. When it is colder weather we make the sessions fast paced with lots of hit and run style games.

Monday 4th January to Friday 8th

Hurlingham Park

10am to 11am Red Ball Development Under 8s £16 per day or £70 Mon-Friday

11am to 12 Red Ball Development Under 8s £16 per day or £70 Mon-Friday

Southfields Tennis Club

Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th January

2.30 to 4pm. Yellow Ball Development U12s £23 per day or £60 / Tues - Thur (£69 for non-members)

Booking is done with a payment

Please contact by email, text or phone to reserve your place.


Classes and Courses

Fulham Hurlingham Park - Southfields LTC - Guildford Sutherland Park

​Programme starting from October 5th 2020.  Small class sizes so please contact to find availability.  If a class interests you and is full we can put your name on waiting list for that class.

Saturday: Hurlingham Park, starting on the October10th at £16 per person per hour

​With ​Ben

10am - Junior Yellow Ball Advanced U16's  

11am - Junior Orange Beginners class U10’s

12pm - Junior Orange Development squad U12’s

2pm - Adult Beginners

3pm - Yellow Balls Under 14s

Sunday: Hurlingham Park, starting from October 11th at £16 per person

With Ben

9am - Adult Intermediates

10am - Adult Improvers

11am - Junior Orange Beginners class U10’s

12pm - Junior Orange Development squad U12’s

1pm - Junior Green Ball U12s

With Jacob

2pm - Adult Improvers

3pm - Junior Yellow Ball

Monday: Hurlingham Park, starting from the October 5th

With Jacob

3pm - Available for private booking

4pm - Junior Orange Improver U10s

5pm - Junior Yellow U14s

Tuesday: Hurlingham Park, starting from the October 6th

With Ben

4pm - Junior Red U9s

5pm - Junior Orange Improver U12s

Wednesday: Hurlingham Park, starting on October 7th at £16 per person

With Ben

10 am - Private booking availability

11am - Adult Beginners class starting on Wednesday 9th.

12 noon - Adult Improvers class

With Jacob classes starting on October the 14th.

3-6pm Hurlingham Private Bookings

6.30 to 7.30pm Junior yellow U16s

7.30pm to 9pm Adult improver + 

Thursday: Hurlingham Park, starting on the 8th, starting at £16 per person

With Ben

4pm - 5pm Junior Red U8s

5pm - 6pm Junior Orange Improver U12s

6.30 to 7.30pm Junior Advanced U14s

7.30pm to 9pm Adult Improvers

Southfields LTC

​Monday: Southfields LTC, starting Monday October 5th. £15 per person X 4 (£18 non-members)

With Ben

3pm - Adult Improvers class

4pm – Performance U12s

5pm - Junior U16 Girls 

6pm - Junior Green Ball 12s

7pm - Adult Club Class

Wednesday: Southfields LTC, starting on the 7th. £15 per person X 4 (£18 non-members)

With Ben

3pm - Adult Improvers class

4pm – Performance Player

5pm - Junior Green U10s

6pm - Junior Squad U16s

7pm - Adult Club Players


Block bookings of rolling 4-weeks to secure your place.

Private class of 4 players and 1 coach: £16/player/hour

Preference is given these blocks

Should any of the places remain unfilled the option will be given to continue as 3 players, 2 players or 1 player which then requires a top up fee per session.

    ·3 players and 1 coach: £20/player/hour

    ·2 players and 1 coach: £28/player/hour

    ·Individual lessons: £55/hour - £50 at SLTC


    ​Terms and Conditions

    Cash or cheque is also accepted in person.

    Payment to be made to Ben Halstead Acc# 00400945 Sc# 30-98-79 with name to be placed on register.

    All bookings are secured with a payment.

    A money back guarantee exists if you did not receive your place.

    If class is full you can ask to be placed on a waiting list.

    Once on a course you may keep your place rolling on a first refusal basis.

    If you have to miss a class we can help you exchange the place but we cannot guarantee we have the abilty to do so.

    Please ensure you or your trooper has everything they need such as suitable shoes and water. 


    In the event of rain we endeavour to cancel within 30-minutes of start of class unless severe weather makes it more obvious beforehand. We often play in light rain, but not when there is an inundation. If the lesson begins you will be charged if the first 20 minutes is completed. Rained off sessions will be refunded, or credit issued against next course.

    In the event of rain, credit or a refund is given on the last day of a course of lessons.


    If a player would like to cancel a single booking we request 24-hours notice as an absolute minimum.  Failure to do so means that the lesson must be charged to the player in full. 

    If a player is over 20 minutes late it is fair to assume they are not going to attend and forfeit their lesson.


    Junior players are asked to adhere to a behaviour standard. A yellow card is a warning and a red card means expulsion without a refund.

    Control is taught and fundamental to the lessons. You will be taught how to use your eyes on the ball. Carelessness resulting in lost balls incur a £2 charge per ball.

    Junior Courses

    Junior Tennis

    Our classes run from 3 venues, SW6 Fulham, SW18 Southfields and GU4 Guildford.

    Ages for junior tennis range from 3 years - 17 years and we will always advise the most suitable class for your child. Classes are catered to the needs and aspirations of the player.  Aspiring players are put in competitive games where losing will have consequences.  So bring your A-game!

    All group courses are subject to a 4 players so please check terms and conditions.

    We are really looking forward to meeting you and training you.

    Adult Courses

    All Levels of Play

    At Tenergy Tennis we love seeing our adult players improve.  All our players benefit from attentive and professional coaching that WILL improve your game!

    Adult sessions run throughout the week and combine technical and tactical coaching followed by an opportunity for you to practise your newly learned skills with rallies and match play.

    We cater for different standards and players find the sessions motivational, highly enjoyable and rewarding. 

    Please view our programme below.

    Private Coaching

    Supercharge Your Game!

    1:1 £55

    1:2 £58

    1:3 £60

    1:4 £64

    All lessons are 60 minutes long and subject to availability. 

    SLTC Members receive £5 off each booking

    Tenergy Mini Camps/Clinics

    Experience Competition

    Tennis Play Days are events that give junior players a chance to play tennis and have fun and works very well as an after school club.  ​

    It's a great way for kids to be introduced to the sport of tennis and allows kids to play and make new friends.  ​

    Sadly these events are on hold until further notice.


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