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Tenergy Tennis offers an extensive all year round tennis programme catering for juniors and adults of all playing abilities.

Our coaches take pride in developing great tennis players. We revel in creating a fun family and community orientated atmosphere.


We love to be innovative and what sets us apart is the way we develop players cognitive abilities.

We believe teaching good technical skills is the easy part. Developing a players ability to make quick and correct decisions is key to progressing in the game.

Our courses run on a term time basis. If you missed the start of term, please don't worry as our courses are pro-rata meaning you can join half way through the term if there is still space.  If you are unsure which course is best for your son or daughter please get in contact and we can help you find the right one.


Junior Tennis

Our classes run from 3 venues, SW6 Fulham, SW18 Southfields and GU4 Guildford.

Ages for junior tennis range from 3 years - 17 years and we will always advise the most suitable class for your child. If they are strong and dedicated we will create invitational squads where we take training to the next level.  

Please follow the link below, create your own account and sign up.  All group courses are subject to a minimum of 4 players so please check terms and conditions.

We are really looking forward to meeting you and training you.


All Levels of Play

At Tenergy Tennis we love seeing our adult players improve.  All our players benefit from attentive and professional coaching that WILL improve your game! 

We have a fantastic programme for all players ranging from beginners to top club standard. 

Adult sessions run throughout the week and combine technical and tactical coaching followed by an opportunity for you to practise your newly learned skills with rallies and match play.

We cater for different standards and players find the sessions motivational, highly enjoyable and rewarding. 

Please view our programme below.


Week Long Tennis Action

Our popular Holiday Camps are enjoyed by many children throughout the year.  Our Camps run year round during school holidays and half term breaks, excluding winter holidays. We encourage players to join for the whole week, however we do take daily bookings for those who are unable to attend the whole week.

Players not only have a fantastic time they also make significant improvements to their game.

If you want your children to play tennis during school holidays this is where you need to bring them.

Our camps run from two venues Southfields LTC and Sutherland Park in Guildford.  


Supercharge Your Game!

As well as our great group options we can offer personal coaching tailored specifically to your needs.

In private sessions we get to know you and your goals.  We then agree a plan exactly as a player and a coach needs to. We then break the plan into achievable blocks and work with you, motivate you and encourage you to reach them.

Prices for our listed venues are:

£45 for a 1-1

£50 for a 2-1 (£25 pp)

£54 for a 3-1 (£18 pp)

£60 for a 4-1 (£15 pp)

All lessons are 60 minutes long and subject to availability. 


Experience Competition

Tennis Play Days are events that give junior players  a chance to play tennis and have fun and works very well as an after school club.

It's a great way for kids to be introduced to the sport of tennis and allows kids to simply play.  

Players are separated by ability where they rotate and play each other in short continuous matches.  Modified courts, balls, serving and scoring ensure success at any level. It's a fun atmosphere with encouragement and coaching tips from a lead coach with prizes and awards to be won.

To find upcoming Play Days please check here.


We can come to your court.

If you are lucky enough to have your own court or venue we offer a mobile service and can come to you.  

Whether you are looking for a coach to teach or a professional to hit with you, we can be booked to come to you.  

An additional travel charge of £10 is added to standard private lesson prices.

Please get in contact if you have any questions and we will be happy to help. 



Courses run each term and you can join pro rata. Simply call, email or text to reserve a place.

You can also download our booking application for added benefits.

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Please read terms and conditions

Hurlingham Park SW6

10 am Saturday: 7th March - 4th April U16 Yellow Ball Boys Developmental Squad

11 am Saturday: 7th March - 4th April Adult Improver High Volume Hitting Workout

2pm Saturday: 7th March - 4th April Green Ball Hot Shots

3pm Saturday:7th March - 4th April U10 Orange Ball Developmental squad

4pm Tuesday: 3rd March - 24th March U12 Green Ball Hot Shot Squad

5pm Tuesday: 3rd March - 24th March U10 Orange Ball Developmental squad

4pm Thursday: 4th March - 25th March U12 Green Ball Hot Shot Squad

5pm Thursday: 4th March - 25th March U8 Red Ball Developmental squad

9am Sunday: 8th March - April 5th U8 Red Ball Developmental squad

Every Sunday: 10-12 Adult Intermediate Drills – Skills and Matchplay

Noon Sunday: 8th March - April 5th U16 Yellow Ball Girls Coach and Play

1pm Sunday: 8th March - April 5th Adult Improver High Volume Hitting Workout

2pm Sunday: 8th March - April 5th U10 Orange Ball Developmental Squad

Southfields Tennis Club SW18

4-5pm Monday Green 1 star (Invitational)

5-6pm Monday Yellow 3

6-7pm Monday Yellow Ball Team

4-5pm Wednesday Green 1 star (Invitational)

5-6pm Wednesday Green 3

7.30-8.30pm Wednesday Adult Intermediate Drop-In (£12)

4-5pm Friday Green 1 star (Invitational)

5-6pm Friday Green 3

Terms and Conditions

  • Please ensure your trooper has everything they need such as suitable shoes and water. 

  • All courses require a minimum of 3 players to be signed on.  There is a maximum of 8 players per class.

  • In the event of rain we will endeavour to cancel within 30 minutes. We often play in light rain, but not when there is an inundation. You are free to use common senses however if the lesson begins you will be charged if the first 20 minutes is completed. If it does rain there will be a refund or credit issued.

  • Courses can be transferred if there is space in a similar class within the same week.

  • If a player books a private lesson payment is requested in lieu of coaching. 

  • If a player would like to cancel a booking we request 24 hours notice as an absolute minimum.  Failure to do so means that the lesson must be charged to the player in full. 

  • If a player is over 20 minutes late it is fair to assume they are not going to attend and will forfeit their lesson.

  • In the event of rain, credit or a refund is given on the last day of that term of lessons.



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